Monday, September 26, 2016

'Yoga will increasingly be part of everyday life': Q-and-A with Melissa Chu

Inspired by her passion for yoga, Melissa Chu founded eco-conscious activewear brand RUMI X in 2014 to offer women a range of modern and stylish yoga apparel that both looks and feels good. Using ground coffee beans and plastic water bottles to develop her fabrics, Chu transforms these recyclable materials into the vibrant and unique designs that have soon become the signature style of RUMI X.
Based in Hong Kong, RUMI X can be found in stores throughout Asia and even as far away as Holland, and can be shipped throughout the world. Pieces are suitable for not only yoga but also CrossFit, running, Barre, and pretty much any active sport that makes you feel good.
With the arrival of fall, Relaxnews spoke to Chu for her advice on how yoga, nutrition and meditation can see you through the change in seasons and help you achieve the "feel good factor" even during the colder winter months.

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